Jun 7, 2008

The most famous and national fish in the Philippines "Bangus or Milk fish"


The most famous fish in the Philippines name "Bangus" in Filipino language, translated to English word "Milk fish". Beside of being famous this also our national fish in my country. It grows or lives in the farm as well as in the sea. Why we called Milk fish? Simply! it taste milky, but bony though. This is really good in grill, fried, tinola or soup, paksiw hmmm... I forget the translation let me tell you what the ingredients are for Paksiw this way you can easily understand it. A little bit amounts of vinegar, fresh ginger and onions, salt and you can also add seasoning seafood to make it more yummy and tasty.

We've bought this milky fish at Asian store at Monroeville a month ago, my hubby and I visited to our favorites Asian store for the 3rd times and that was our second time we bought the "bangus" and that's store owned by Korean girl a pretty lady with pretty smile and friendly. And do you know this milk fish was really came from in Sarangani Bay Philippines which is the most famous farm of national fish? Well it really is, and I only find out when I read the message written on the plastic bag. Is not cool and interesting? Hmmm... As we all know Philippines is an export of milk fish. Anyhow, I would like to share these pictures I took when I cooked my smoke milk fish 2 weeks ago. The fish it wasn't fresh anymore... just imagine it travel across the world, well that's pretty obvious hahaha!

This is my very simple and easy recipe of smoke fish. But before that clean the belly of the milk fish first and make it sure you remove the entire intestine particularly the green one hmmm... I forget the name of it again grrr! As long as you can see the green color just remove it and you will be alright then hehehe!. And here are the ingredients I put in the belly of milk fish,fresh tomato, onion, garlic, and seafood seasoning, all you have to do is just combine them together and put it inside in the belly of the milk fish. If you think the belly is already full, wrap it using the aluminum foil and place it on the grill.

It takes a little bit longer before it cook, but you need to check it once in a while to make it sure the whole part of the fish turn brown. If the other side of the fish it looks cook flip it over that way the other side will cook too. Thank you for reading my palatable recipe... this is the favorite dish of my hubby. If you want to ask me how it tastes, well try it and it will tell you hehehe! Enjoy and have fun my dear readers!.